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2 main macro-categories of exhibitors from the 1)food and wellbeing and 2) good energies sectors: organic, biodynamic and natural food & beverage products; organic & natural cosmetics and beauty; spa ad wellness centres; installers and manufacturers (photovoltaic, solar, thermal, eolian hydro electric systems); geothermal drilling; cogeneration; low impact traditional heating and air conditioning systems; condensing boilers, heating floor systems; heating pumps; domotics; thermal insulation; thermal coating; pellets stoves; pedal assist bikes; wood houses; green building and bio architecture; high thermal insulation doors and windows fixtures; natural materials (wood, marble, slate, roof tiles…); gpl or natural gas private or industrial vehicles; electric cars; waterproofing; energy saving electrical systems; led lighting; disposal and reclamation; organic & natural fabrics and clothing; educational toys (natural materials); specialized press and publishing; healthcare products; wellbeing equipments and appliances; recycling and waste management; biomass energy/heating; hydrogeology management companies; water purification (incl. home water treatment); natural products for agriculture and gardening; natural and organic pet food; natural and organic home furnishing…

Elenco espositori no food   – click here for the list of the “no food” area exhibitors

Elenco Espositori food  – click here for the list of the “food” area exhibitors

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